Thursday, February 12, 2009

our birthday's are fast approaching

after the first night i met my boyfriend i learned that we share the same birthday! weird, right? he is however a year older and i remind him of that often. he is not an easy person to buy for, and so far what i have come up with is a pair of rock and republic jeans (his idea), and some photos that i spruced up from vacations we have taken together. i need more ideas!!!


  1. Isn't that Genoa/Italy on the first picture? I feel like guessing my grandparents home on the hills...

  2. Yes it is! It was so beautiful there-very nice people as well!

  3. Your vinatge light on the pictures gives it a very special touch: I love that!
    My grandparents dyied when I was about 9 years old. And so long time I haven't been there, I'm missing it too..
    But you know I would so much love to come back to USA

  4. Thanks so much-that is really sweet of you!

    Sorry about your loss. There are great places in the states too, but most of them will be so much better in a few months when it gets above freezing!